The Legend of Johnny Cash

This is an email I received from the President and CMO of UME relating to my involvement in the release of The Legend of Johnny Cash album.  

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From: Resnikoff, Bruce
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 10:01 AM
To: ** UMe - Everyone
Subject: Johnny Cash

Dear co-workers:

Every once in a while we release the ideal record under ideal circumstances.  The Johnny Cash CD is that record.  Over the past 6 years we have released many quality records, critically acclaimed records, commercial successful records, etc., but this one more than any I can recall exemplifies the best of UMe and the best of the talent of our entire staff.  It is one thing to make a great record, but it takes a concerted vision and effort to market it effectively and properly.  That’s why good records often fail and, to be frank, sometimes bad records do well.  In this case we had the vision as a company to understand not only the significance of this release given the impending release of the Johnny Cash movie, but we had the significance and benefit of the intense marketing push that would accompany the film’s release.  This was no accident – we planned for this and executed masterfully on that plan.

Congratulations to everyone who was a part of this – it took a coordinated effort from EVERY division of UMe and the results show that.  That said, while it is the perfect example of a team effort and while I rarely single out individual members of the team, I feel it necessary (without diminishing anyone else’s contribution) to specifically mention the contributions of two people – Richie Gallo and Lori Froeling.  Richie had the vision early on to recognize the significance and potential of this record if it were released in connection with the film and in this regard was a driving force (driving me crazy at times); Lori had the difficult and unenviable task of making impossible deals first with Sony and then with Rick Rubin – a deal that was dead more times than I care to remember and continuously brought back to life by her efforts.  Without their efforts and ultimately all of your efforts we could not have gotten to this point.

Again, thanks to everyone for their contribution to this project.  Please consider this a model for how we can effectively work together as a group to continue to be the best at what we do.